5 Best Place to Do Horseback Riding in Jakarta Indonesia

  1. Horse Racing Pulomas
    PulomasLocated in North Horseback Riding in Jakarta, this location offers some horseback riding decoration which only prices 10,000 for one round. They also have “delman”, a horse-drawn carriage as household attraction with low cost, too. Pulomas Horse Racing has some kind of competitions and horseback riding events which held occasionally. They provide ridding faculty, private lesson, group lesson, and also a autism therapy for our friend.

    2. Trijaya Equestrian
    To have spaces and coaches, you need to try coming to Trijaya Equestrian in South Jakarta. They offer several learning packages to pick, and are willing to train whenever you’re still a beginner. They also provide young-age beginner to train with a pony rides, trained by professional coaches we don’t even need to be concerned about the safety and another standardized amenities.

    3. PacuanKuda Stables & Equestrian, Pamulang
    PacuankudapamulangOpen for public, this places has rather costly in riding prices but really worth to test. They don’t put up entrance price for anybody who would like to see athletes doing training, they only charge us if we would like to test riding the horse and it begins from 90,000 rupiahs.
    Theyrsquo;re raising their very own “international standard-ready to export to various contries” horses here, with more than 50 horses to ride and see. They also give activity.

    4. Gading Equestrian
    Located in Pejaten, South Jakarta, this area is becoming adults and kids favored to devote some time by training their horseback riding ability. They also have horse farm with appropriate facilities and high-quality trainers. This location provide so many various equestrians need that will be needed by another fellow equestrian, fantastic quality, many options, plus they taken a fantastic care of every horses nicely.

    5. Arthayasa Lock & Country Club
    ArthayasastabMany national athletes train here, and this location is open for young beginner to start horse-riding training at young age. The location is beautiful and trendy too, very appropriate for spending time with family. Arthyasa Stable and Country Club located in Grogol, Depok City, a little bit aside from Jakarta City provides us less noisy conditions to help us concentrate more whenever we’re training.

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