Is Pundico loan secure?

Is Pundico loan secure?

Anyone who has ever applied for a loan at some point in their life knows the bureaucracy this type of procedure can have and that some documents are really critical to getting the credit. But for those who are thinking about this for the first time many questions may arise. Having some data requested on our site, for example, you may be unsure if borrowing from Pundico is secure .

So, here are some tips for when you want to know if a website or service over the internet is secure. These are small details that if you pay attention you will avoid problems.


How to tell if the Pundico website is secure?

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In late November, we brought a digital law expert to Pundico and made a Facebook Live. She talked about how to protect herself from financial fraud on the internet. If you want to start learning more about the topic, watch the broadcast with lawyer Jizelle Frozzi.

Basically there are a few simple things that allow you to see if a website, be it Pundico or otherwise, is secure.

To get started, when you visit the site, make sure that in the navigation bar, where you enter the page address, there is an “https”. If so, it represents that the site has a security certificate. This allows you to protect your data that will be sent if you fill out a form.


Is Pundico loan secure?

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Even if you have already verified that a site has this security certificate, it is important to note what its reputation is. Search sites like Complain Here and on social media what customers say to the company can help you find out if the business is reliable. Try to check customer complaints and especially if the company responds and solves problems. It is no use in this case just looking at numbers, it is essential to check what happens.

Let's say you're buying from an e-commerce and see what people are complaining about the shipping price. In this case, it will depend on whether you accept it or not. If you agree, it is not a problem that could affect your purchase.

It's also worth asking your friends if they have had any experience with the company in question. In general, they are people you have confidence in. Their opinion can help you decide whether to buy or contract.

In the case of Pundico, you can rest assured that the loan is fully secured. We protect customer data from registration on the site to the end of the process. In addition, after all documentation is approved and the customer goes through the processes, the money enters the informed checking account quickly.

Pundico has a team ready to answer and answer questions from its customers. We answer the questions we receive via email, phone, and social media. In addition, we strive every day to improve our processes to bring more security and convenience to the customer seeking an online loan.